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While an inspection can prevent or catch issues, you never know when you might have a plumbing emergency. Pipes can burst, sinks can succumb to hard water, or your toilet can stop flushing properly. Whatever the case, plumbing covers a lot of areas in your home and you should always hire a professional.

Royal Flush Plumbing is fully capable to anything from maintenance and complex repairs to a basic replacement. Our team of skilled plumbers will conduct a thorough inspection, including the main water valve, to identify the source of your plumbing problem. By isolating individual water lines, we can accurately pinpoint the root cause. 

Once we’ve determined the issue, we’ll recommend the most appropriate plumbing service. While some situations may require a full replacement, many problems can be resolved through repairs. As part of our repair process, we’ll shut off the valve connected to the affected line before we get to work. This could be an isolation valve or the main water valve. 

In the case of the main water valve, we’ll also turn off your water heater to prevent any hot water backup. After completing the necessary repairs, we’ll restore the water heater and valve to their original positions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also involves cleaning up any debris and removing standing water near the water line to prevent water damage. Let us get started when you call Royal Flush Plumbing now!

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Faucet Repair

While proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your sink and faucet, there are instances where replacement becomes necessary. There are many things that can go wrong over time, so some of the common reasons you might need our services are:

  • Stains
  • Leaks, or standing water
  • Cracks
  • Bathroom or kitchen remodeling

Royal Flush Plumbing offers comprehensive services for sink and faucet repairs and replacements. With a wide range of designs to fit your desired aesthetic, our experts will provide recommendations to help you find the perfect fixtures for your needs. 

With our experience, we know that kind of harsh impact hard water can have on plumbing systems. Not only can it damage or clog your pipes can cause a leak, but hard water can stain laundry and be rough on your skin.

There are several potential benefits to letting us install a water softener. With our expertise, you could save in the long-term without worrying about sediment buildup.

Don’t wait to take advantage of the many services we offer. When you’re ready to get started with plumbing services in Old Town, ME, give Royal Flush Plumbing a call today!


Professional General Plumbing Services in Old Town, ME

Toilet Repair

Toilets can start to develop a variety of problems as the years go on. Whether it’s a basic repair or a complex replacement, though, you should always hire a professional like Royal Flush Plumbing. We’ve got the knowledge, equipment, and experience to do it right. Some of the common issues that occur with toilets are:

  • Random flushing.
  • Trickling water.
  • Weak flushing.

Depending on the issue, our approach might change, but we’ll recommend the right service for the job. We’ll start by inspecting your toilet for signs of the problem. The rim of your toilet can become clogged or blocked, so it might just need to be cleaned. The seal on your flapper can also be a huge problem if it’s not cleaned or replaced when it needs to be.

We’ll also check the refill tube to make sure it hasn’t accidentally moved out of position. Our trained experts at Royal Flush Plumbing are prepared to help with your toilet needs. Let us know how we can help when you give us a call today!

Trained General Plumbing Services in Old Town, ME

Sink Installation

Pipes can wear down, or you might be remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. Whatever the reason for wanting or needing a new sink, we’ve got you covered. Royal Flush Plumbing offers quality services to choose from.

Through repair and replacement, we’ll make sure your sink works effectively and looks the way you want it to. A big part of this comes down to being installed right in the first place.

We’ll pay close attention to the hookups and connections in your sink installation. You won’t have to worry about leaks that can lead to water stains, rot, and mold when you hire us.

If you want to upgrade your sink or improve the design, you might consider a garbage disposal. Our team can help with that, too, to give you the most from your kitchen. Either way, give us a call today and schedule your inspection!

Royal Flush Plumbing, LLC


I called for a quote and they came that day to check out our sink. Came the next day to fix the drain pipes and install a new sink and faucet. Great work and nice guys! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber.

-Kelli S.

Residential Insulation Upgrade Rebate

City Utilities residential electric or natural gas customers may qualify for a 20% rebate, up to $300, of the total cost of insulation upgrades.

Benefits: 20%, up to $300 rebate
Who’s Eligible: CU residential customers with electric or natural gas services

Customers who purchased & installed insulation in their home between September 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022 may qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $500, of the total cost of the insulation upgrades.

Eligibility Conditions: Insulation must meet the minimum R-values as specified in the rebate guidelines.

Click here to visit City Utilities Website