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Quality Sewer Line Service in Dixmont, ME

If you have any issues or concerns regarding the safety and hygiene of your home’s sewer line, Royal Flush has the perfect solution for you. We offer services for all kinds of sewer line issues to keep your water clean. 

Our team of experienced professionals is available 24/7 for emergencies, so we’re ready to help at any time. We are committed to providing clean, fast, and effective solutions to all your sewer line problems, big or small. Don’t hesitate to call us today to keep your home’s sewer line in perfect working order!

Fast Sewer Line Service in Dixmont, ME

Keeping an eye out for warning signs of a compromised sewer line is an important part of home maintenance. If you notice any of the following signs, it may be an indication that your sewer line needs to be inspected and possibly excavated:

  • Your drains are clogging too often or you experience more than one clogged drain
  • Water gathers in your yard
  • Problems with backflow
  • Sections of your lawn are soggy or damp
  • Higher pest attraction
  • Your drains gurgle


Those are some of the most popular reasons that our services are needed. While some causes for these issues are out of your hands, like tree roots growing into your sewer line, there are steps that you can take to prevent problems, like:

  1. Not putting grease into the drains

  2. Let us install a backwater prevention valve to avoid backflows

  3. Properly dispose of waste

  4. Don’t put any wet wipes, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products down the drain

When you call us, our experts will identify any plumbing issues. In many cases, it can be due to a bad connection, from sump pumps to French drains. Any faulty connection can lead to the lines being clogged.


If necessary, Royal Flush can install a new plastic pipe sewer line to work around tree roots. If you need sewer line service in Dixmont, ME of any kind, you’ve come to the right place. Call us today and get started!

Royal Flush Plumbing, LLC


I called for a quote and they came that day to check out our sink. Came the next day to fix the drain pipes and install a new sink and faucet. Great work and nice guys! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber.

-Kelli S.

Looking for Sewer Line Service in Dixmont, ME?

There are a lot of reasons that your sewer line could be clogged. In some cases, we might have to excavate to make your line functional again. Here are some issues to watch for:

  • Toilet bowl has no water
  • Your toilet makes gurgling sounds, doesn’t flush, or fills too much
  • Drainage is slow
  • Backed-up waste water
  • Your yard floods with sewage

If you suspect you have a sewer system problem, it’s important to hire a professional. We’ll use our expertise to assess the issue and recommend the best course of action. Our team at Royal Flush uses the latest technology if the issue is more complicated.

We always recommend hiring a professional to fix your sewer line. Not only could you not have the equipment needed, but it will take a lot longer and you could end up digging up your entire yard. To make matters worse, you could also accidentally damage your sewer line further.

With a camera inspection, we’ll find the problem without making a mess in your yard. You can trust us when you need sewer line service in Dixmont, ME. We’ve got the right equipment and knowledge to take care of your sewer line quickly and efficiently, so give us a call today and schedule your inspection!

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