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Before Calling a Professional for Water Pump Replacement or Repair...

Well pump not working? 

Follow these steps to diagnose the issue: 

  1. Check the breaker box  for a popped breaker
  2. If you have an above ground pump make sure your pump is primed.
    • At the plug on the top of the pump make sure the power is off at the breaker when priming.  Verify with a non conducting voltage tester at the pressure switch.
    • Breakers are not always labeled correctly!
  3. Make sure to dry everything off before restoring power at the breaker. 
Still not working?! 
Before diagnosing further highly recommended to call a licensed professional, as you will be working with 120volt/220volt electricity that can kill you. 

Effective Water Pump Replacement in Dixmont, ME

One thing that many homeowners don’t realize is how important clean water is. Having access to it whenever you want is part of everyday life, so you deserve someone that knows what they’re doing when your water pump is damaged or having problems. Royal Flush as a team of experts to provide fast and efficient services when you need them.

We’ll start with an inspection of your water pump to figure out the source of the issues. Once we’ve found all of the problems, we’ll get to work with professional repairs to give you back efficiency in your water pump. If you let the issues sit, they could get worse and more expensive, so don’t delay reaching out to us.

If you think anything’s wrong with your water pump, we’ve got the expertise to get it working again. If the damages are too extensive or you want to upgrade, though, we can replace your water pump quickly. Either way, call us today to get started!

Quick Water Pump Replacement in Dixmont, ME

It’s important to have a reliable and safe water pump. If it’s not functioning properly, it could mean that your water isn’t clean or appliances in your home could be damaged. It could be that your water pump has gotten old and become less efficient. 

That’s why our team is the perfect choice when it comes to water pump replacement in Dixmont, ME. Here are some of the most common areas that need serviced with a water pump:

  • The pump capacity isn’t putting out enough water
  • Your water pump is worn or corroded
  • Sediments have found their way into your water supply

In the case of the last one, it could also mean that your water line is cracked or burst. The good news is that Royal Flush can also help with that, whether it’s a water line installation or repair that needs to take place.

With our extensive experience and expertise in matters of water pumps and filtration systems, you can trust that we will provide the best results possible. We start with a thorough inspection to identify any current problems. 

We can also locate possible signs of damage to fix your specific pump problems and prevent future damages. Our team is dedicated to providing a fast and cost-effective solution for all of your water pump needs. 

Our plumbing experts have access to the best equipment and knowledge to make sure that your water pump is working properly. When you’re in need of our services, give us a call today and schedule an inspection!

Royal Flush Plumbing, LLC


I called for a quote and they came that day to check out our sink. Came the next day to fix the drain pipes and install a new sink and faucet. Great work and nice guys! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber.

-Kelli S.

Need Water Pump Replacement in Dixmont, ME?

Whether you’re looking for a water pump repair or a complete replacement, our team at Royal Flush has you covered. We have experience in water well system maintenance and have the latest equipment to provide you with efficient solutions. 

We’re trained to provide customized services for each of our clients, so you can feel confident that your water pump replacement in Dixmont, ME is unique to you. With our years of experience in servicing all types of water pumps, you can trust us to handle any problem that your water pump might have.

You can count on Royal Flush for a fast and reliable service. We’re also available if you have a plumbing emergency, so you can trust us to help if your water pump needs to be replaced 24/7. You deserve to have fresh water from your well whenever you want, so give us a call today and let our technicians inspect your water pump!

Residential Insulation Upgrade Rebate

City Utilities residential electric or natural gas customers may qualify for a 20% rebate, up to $300, of the total cost of insulation upgrades.

Benefits: 20%, up to $300 rebate
Who’s Eligible: CU residential customers with electric or natural gas services

Customers who purchased & installed insulation in their home between September 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022 may qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $500, of the total cost of the insulation upgrades.

Eligibility Conditions: Insulation must meet the minimum R-values as specified in the rebate guidelines.

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