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Many homeowners don’t realize how much the term plumbing covers, but it can mean anything from a cracked water line to issues with your toilet. Whether it’s a simple repair or you need us to replace your stained sink, Royal Flush Plumbing has experience with many general plumbing services in Orono, ME.

Our team of professionals will investigate the main water valve and separate any individual water lines. We’ll find the reason for any plumbing issues you have and diagnose the best service for your needs. If the problem can be solved with a plumbing repair, that’s what we’ll do.

To get started, we’ll make sure that the associated valve is shut off to avoid unwanted water leaks. It could be the isolation valve but, if the main water valve needs turned off, we’ll shut off your water heater as well. That will prevent hot water from building up and causing problems. We’ll return everything back to normal when we’re done with our repairs and clean up the area, so call us today!

Searching for General Plumbing Services in Orono, ME?

Faucet Repair

Routine maintenance by our experts can keep your sink and faucet working properly. If your plumbing gets worn or old enough, you’ll need a replacement. This can be caused by a number of common issues, like:

  1. Wanting to update your features
  2. Natural wear and damage
  3. Leaks
  4. Bathroom or kitchen remodeling

Whether you need basic repairs or complex replacements, Royal Flush Plumbing offers multiple services for your needs. We’ll also help you select the right style or model to fit your vision.

One of the biggest reasons for plumbing problems is hard water. This can cause sediments to form in your plumbing and damage pipes, stain laundry, or other issues. If you live in an area with a hard water supply, we recommend letting us install a water softener.

When you hire our experts, you can count on quality results and upfront pricing. We like to be transparent with our customers and answer any questions when you call us today for an estimate!


Efficient General Plumbing Services in Orono, ME

Toilet Repair

Your toilet is another area of plumbing in your home that can go through many issues as the years go by. To make sure your toilet works correctly with repairs and maintenance, you can trust our professionals for problems like:

  1. Your toilet flushes for seemingly no reason. Most of the time, your flapper is the culprit. It could be that the seal needs cleaned, or we’ll have to replace it if it’s worn down enough.
  2. Flushing doesn’t have enough pressure. A central cause for this can be due to an obstacle or blockage around the rim of your toilet bowl. Our team will remove anything we find that’s getting in the way and handle any other reasons for the weak flush.
  3. Trickling water. We’ll take the lid off your toilet bowl and check the floater for signs of clogging or detachment. The next step is to examine the refill tube to make sure that it doesn’t go too far past the overflow pipe.

If you need our expertise for your toilet, or any other plumbing services in Orono, ME, give us a call today and trust Royal Flush Plumbing to keep your water flowing properly!

Quality General Plumbing Services in Orono, ME

Sink Installation

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or having issues in the kitchen, we can help with any sink-related problems. Royal Flush Plumbing has experience with numerous aspects of plumbing, including the sink. We offer anything from repairs to installations to give you a sink you can count on. We’ll also make sure that your new sink is connected to prevent leaks.

Loose or improperly installed sinks can lead to water damage in your home. These damages can show up in many forms, like rot, mold, or mildew. Our trained plumbers can install and repair your sink, or put in a garbage disposal for more options.

As you can tell, Royal Flush Plumbing offers complete plumbing services and expertise. You can trust us to work quickly and effectively with your plumbing needs when you call us today!

Royal Flush Plumbing, LLC


I called for a quote and they came that day to check out our sink. Came the next day to fix the drain pipes and install a new sink and faucet. Great work and nice guys! Will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a good plumber.

-Kelli S.

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City Utilities residential electric or natural gas customers may qualify for a 20% rebate, up to $300, of the total cost of insulation upgrades.

Benefits: 20%, up to $300 rebate
Who’s Eligible: CU residential customers with electric or natural gas services

Customers who purchased & installed insulation in their home between September 1, 2021 and February 28, 2022 may qualify for a 50% rebate, up to $500, of the total cost of the insulation upgrades.

Eligibility Conditions: Insulation must meet the minimum R-values as specified in the rebate guidelines.

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